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university washington
The University of Washington holds a program each fall at the Instituto Cultural Oaxaca which places students with local families and provides them Spanish language instrucition and Oaxacan culture. Students also participate in tours to various sites around Oaxaca and to various cemeteries during the Day of the Dead. Classes are taught by both Instituto Cultural and University of Washington faculty.

university wisconsin
The University of Wisconsin holds both a winter intersession program and a longer summer program at the Instituto Cultural Oaxaca. During both programs students participate in language and culture classes provided by Institute faculty. Students live with local families and participate in tours organized by the Instituto. During the summer program, students also take a longer trip to Puebla.

pacific lutheran university
Pacific Lutheran University provides a complex and intensive program. The program consists of anthropology, literature and history classes taught at the Instituto Cultural Oaxaca by faculty of Pacific Lutheran University, other US universities and the Universidad Autonoma Benito Juarez. Students participate in Spanish language classes taught by the Instituto Cultura Oaxaca, live with local families and participate in tours to local sites as well as longer trips to Mexico City and Chiapas.
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university california davis
The University of California at Davis conducts an ancient civilization program at the Institute every summer. Courses are taught by UC Davis faculty. Students live with local families or in posadas.

university chicago
The University of Chicago’s Spring Mesoamerican Civilization consists of Civilization classes taught by several professors from or affiliated with the University of Chicago along with language classes provided by both University of Chicago and Instituto Cultural Oaxaca faculty. Students live with local families and participate in tours related to their studies to various locations around Oaxaca. Students also spend one week in Mexico City.

Instituto Cervantes
vassar college
Vassar College
portland community college
Portland Community College
bard college
Bard College
fundacion en via
Fundación En Vía
MOC Adventures
MOC Adventures
Spanish School Association of Oaxaca
Practical Guide of Ecotoursim in Oaxaca
spain exchange
Study Abroad with Spain Exchange
Spanish Abroad Inc.

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Trekking in Oaxaca
Experience with leading hiking and mountain biking groups in the Sierra Mountains of Oaxaca.
Familiar with the many geographical regions throughout the state of Oaxaca, including the mountains of the Sierra North and South, Mixteca Baja, Isthmus of Tehuantepec, and the Oaxacan coast.